The Wood:  


Southern Longleaf Pine


Most of our furniture is made from reclaimed southern longleaf pine.  This

wood once dominated some 90 million acres and grew for three or four centuries

before it was harvested. Southern longleaf pine, known for its strength, availability

and affordability, was commonly used in Baltimore construction throughout the

1800's. It was such a popular choice that over-harvesting reduced the amount of

old growth longleaf pine to just 5 million acres. 


Since construction peaked in the late 1800s, this wood has been aging under the compression and structural demands of Baltimore city rowhomes. Each board reveals its own story, depicting a timeline from the rough saw marks produced by the mill when the tree was harvested, to the cutouts that allowed for newly invented gas piping or electric conduit. The deep rich patina that only a century or more of oxidation can produce adds a unique tone to each piece, as does the black oxidation streaks left by each steel nail that was hand-hammered into the wood in construction.  


These traits, the type that only natural aging can produce, are the hallmarks of true reclaimed old growth lumber. Although many big box stores try to imitate this process by a series of soaking and steaming new wood, what they deliver is a well-marketed, imitated product void of history and filled with pseudo-character markings.


Our Process:  Creating Beautiful Reclaimed Wood Furniture and Products 


Your piece begins with a rescue mission. We drive to construction sites around Baltimore in an effort to recover wood original to the structure of the house that is typically discarded by those who don't recognize the beauty, history, and character. 


We pull the carefully selected pieces and then begin the tedious process of removing nails and screws, identifying the best use for each piece. Each board is handled with care during the squaring process so that enough of the wood is removed to serve its new purpose without removing the identity - the story - of its original purpose. Our creations are intended to celebrate the life, strength and character of this, once abundant, but now rare wood while creating strong, beautiful reclaimed wood furniture unique to each project.


For us, this is an exciting time. As challenging and thrilling as it must have been during the original harvesting of the southern longleaf pine, we find it equally thrilling to reclaim this beautiful wood for its "second harvest."  The furniture we construct is intended to be an heirloom for the person that truly appreciates the characteristics of this wood, its strength, and enduring qualities. Coastal Longleaf Furnishings are hand-crafted by skilled artisans – its authenticity guaranteed.


When you choose our product, your choice goes far beyond just bringing home the highest quality furnishing. You have chosen:


  • To preserve a piece of Baltimore history

  • To reduce demands for the harvesting of new wood and keep old wood out of our landfills

  • To say NO to the marketing tactics of big box stores trying to pass off cheaply produced new products as reclaimed, hand-crafted furniture

  • To bring authentic Baltimore, hand-crafted furniture into your home or business, each with its own story to tell. Your chapter is next. Each piece of wood is completely different from the next and each piece of furniture is custom made your fit your needs.


We are excited to craft your new furnishing and look forward to hearing from you. 




Gary Lam

Owner Coastal Longleaf LLC

Own a piece of Baltimore History




Baltimore, Maryland